Dance Therapy for People with Disabilities

20th June 2010,

Mr Charan Pradhan, a dance therapist, provided day-long orientation to the staff of RCRD-Nepal and Bhaktapur CBR Organizations in Bhaktapur, about very simple ways to bring big positive change in the physical & mental condition of children having severe disabilities, with the help of dance therapy. He described with practical how art, dancing movement and expression can be added in different types of therapies. He also shared about some success stories of disabled children from other countries who have really got remarkable change in their life from his dance therapy. RCRD Nepal and Bhaktapur CBR is very much thankful having such beautiful time with Mr. Charan. some moments of the workshop is posted here. You can also login to know more about Mr. Pradhan and his dance therapy.


One response to “Dance Therapy for People with Disabilities

  1. Very nice piece! Looking forward to seeing you in a very short time. I arrive in India on Aug. 3 and plan to come to Nepal around the first week of September.

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