Training on Information and Communication Technology

Participants working on computer

September 21, 2010

Sept 19-21,  RCRD Nepal organized a three days training/workshop on information and communication technology for the organizations working on disability. In the training facilitated by Patricia Perkins, the IT volunteer from an organization of USA named “Worlds Touch”, altogether 14 participants from 7 disability related NGOs participated. Six participants out of 14 were persons with disabilities ( three people with physical disability and three with hearing disability).

The participants learned and practiced on Gmail account, Google group, Google calendar, Google docs and making free web blog using  


3 responses to “Training on Information and Communication Technology

  1. Dear Respected Sir/Madam!
    In coming future, if RCRD succeed to organize this Training on Information and Communication Technology.
    It would great to provide Information to us. We are the group if Disabled women. It would be more effective for us also.

  2. I do believe in sustainability of programs started in the World, especially in developing Countries.Experiences shows that majority of them fails due to lack of strategies and interest group involvement. I plead the group conducting these training to include the local interested organized groups and the policy makers in your day to day activities and train them the basics.

    Every locality has its expectation.Teach them,support them and evaluate them later for improvement and sustainability.Keep it up in doing these recommendable job.

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