Some Beautiful Moments of International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2011 in Bhaktapur

1. Inauguration of Rally in Bhaktapur (December 3, 2011


2. Mass Meeting in Taumadi Square after half an hour rally- Dec. 3rd 2011


3 Persons with disabilities are showing their talents in the public meeting – Dec 3rd 2011


A lady with physical disability is singing a song composed by herself (left), Two deaf ladies are dancing in Nepali Song (center), and A blind lady is singing a poem written by herself (right)
4. District Disability Coordination Committee is honoring those youth with disabilities who had amazing achievement in their school and college study despite various physical, attitudinal and institutional barriers.
5. Honoring to the principal of a Private School who had supported for the education of children with disabilities in Bhaktapur .
6. Honoring to the parents who have been giving their best care to their severely disabled children at home and family. 
7. Honoring to the player with intellectual disabilities who have recently won Silver Medal for 400 mtr. race in the Special Olympic organized in Greece.
8. The local Political leaders and members of District Disability  Coordination Committee are addressing mass meeting.
Mr. Surya Bhakta Prajapati, secretary of Disability District Coordination Committee (left), Mr. Prhlad Thapa, President of Disability District Coordination Committee (center) , Ms. Lila Nayichain, Member of Legislative Parliament and chief guest of the mass meeting (right)

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