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Community-Based Rehabilitation Our Goal

Warm welcome and Namaste ! to all our visitors.

Resource Center for Rehabilitation and Development (RCRD) – Nepal is a national NGO working for the promotion and protection of the rights of children/persons with disabilities (C/PWDs). It has been working since 1997 as the national resource center on disability with its four key strategic objectives – Advocacy, Awareness, Information Sharing and Capacity Building. Sustain Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and mainstreaming disability in development is the main focused agenda and strategy of RCRD to achieve a positive change and optimum independent living in the life of C/PWDs.

As the resource center, RCRD has engaged itself to produce human resource who are able to work with C/PWDs in CBR model particularly in rural area. Each year RCRD delivers 100 days basic CBR trainings and 15 days refresher course to those persons who are recommended by the organizations working in disability management in district level. RCRD has been supporting to government as the technical partner basically for strengthening CBR program throughout the nation.

RCRD’s advocacy work is focused on disability related policy/laws formulation, revision and implementation. It involves in advocacy through other various disability related forums and networks or by itself.  RCRD believes in the power of information. So it collects numbers of national and international information regarding disability, updates it and disseminate to the stakeholders and rights holders through website, e-newsletters, library, and other print publications. RCRD has also very good expertise and experiences on inclusive education and to provide various other trainings on disability management.

RCRD requests all stakeholders and international development partners to join hands for promoting the rights of /PWDs in Nepal.

We are very happy and grateful being in touch with you and having opportunity to share about RCRD.   





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    I am a qualified personnel having 20 years work experience in the Disability/Rehabilitation and Development issues.Please keep in touch since I am very much interested into what you are doing in this line.

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