A. Trainings:

Trainees are learning physiotherapy in 100 days basic training

a) 100 days basic CBR training : RCRD has been running this training course since 1997. Through this training human resource are prepared able to work in community level for the rehabilitation of children/persons with disability in a holistic approach i.e. health, education, employment, empowerment, social development etc. They do all their work in the ownership of  parents and local community and mobilize local resource as far as possible. In this 100 days training 40% course is practical and experience based and rest 60% is theoretical based. This training course, recognized by Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), includes the following subjects and modules.

  1. Concept, definition and letest development of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)
  2. Who is a CBR workers ?
  3. Basic functions and structure of Human anatomy
  4. Social and Community Approach on Disability (Definition and classification of disability, Provision of Disability ID card, Social Model of Disability, Disability and Development, Disability and Poverty, Disability and Human rights, Disability related national and international policies, laws and rules)
  5. General Health and General Diseases
  6. General Child Development
  7. Visual disability and rehabilitation , Braille Writing and Mobility Skill
  8. Intellectual Disability and Rehabilitation
  9. Portage, Child Development and its use
  10. Hearing Disability and Rehabilitation (with Basic Sign Language Training)
  11. Mental Illness and psycho-social counseling
  12. Physical Disability and Rehabilitation
  13. Physiotherapy
  14. Assistive Devices Making Workshop
  15. Sound and Speaking Disability and Rehabilitation
  16. Inclusive Education
  17. Child Rights
  18. Disability Identification and Comprehensive Assessment
  19. Advocacy and Awareness for Disability Rights
  20. Rights of Women/Girls with Disability
  21. Concept of Independent Living, Spinal Cord Injury
  22. Deaf-Blindness and Rehabilitation
  23. Disability Prevention
  24. Disability Management in rural are : Program planning, managing, reporting, recording keeping etc.

b) Training on Inclusive Education

RCRD provides this training basically to the NGOs working on education fields, school teachers, school management committee and to some extent the parents. The main purpose of this training is to contribute on developing inclusive teaching and learning environment at schools from disability point of view. This training supports to enhance the capacity of teachers, parents and school management committees so that they can initiate to make disability friendly classroom, other physical environment, behavior and inclusive teaching methodologies.

c) Basic physiotherapy, disability identification and assessment training.

According to the need of organizations working on disability issues in various district, RCRD provides special training on basic physiotherapy, disability identification and comprehensive assessment of disability. After this training the trainees are able to do disability identification, basic level assessment and provide basic level physiotherapy.

d) Trainings for organizational and personal capacity building :

In this ground RCRD provides short term trainings on leadership, organizational management, program management, monitoring and evaluation, proposal writing, advocacy, awareness raising, fund raising etc. to the organizations working on disability rights and persons with disabilities.

e) Training on disability survey and data management:

This is a basic level training which is provided particularly to those organizations which are working on disability issues in grassroots level. This training enhances the capacity of organization on conducting baseline survey and building simple database about disability in local level.

B) Information Dissemination

RCRD believes that information empowers people. RCRD collects diverse information regarding disability, from national and international sources. The collected information is analyzed, categorized, filtered and simplified as easy to understand. The simplified information is disseminated to persons with disabilities, disabled peoples’ organizations (DPOs) and other relevant stakeholders as per their needs. The information is spread out through publication, email, e-newsletter, telephone, fax and organization’s website.

RCRD also performs such types of information related work in the collaboration and partnership (mostly in terms of technical partnership) with government agencies such as Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare and Department of Education.

C. Advocacy :

RCRD advocates with central government agencies, political parties, law makers and human rights organizations for the inclusion of disability issues in the national policies and laws and its effective implementation as well. These advocacy works are carried out basically joining hands with local DPOs, disability networks and human rights organizations. RCRD has become a leading organizations to influence the government for CBR promotion throughout the nation.


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