1. Disability newsletter_nepali_volume14 , August 2012
  2. Disability newsletter_nepali_volume13 , February 2012
  3. Disability newsletter_nepali_volume12, November 2011
  4. Disability newsletter_nepali_volume11, August 2011
  5. Disability newsletter_nepali_volume10 , June 2011
  6. Disability newsletter_nepali_volume9
  7. Disability News_RCRD_Vol 8_December 2010, Disability Day Special
  8. Disability Newsletter_Nepali_Vol 7 July/August 2010
  9. Disability Newsletter_Nepali_Vol 6 May/June 2010
  10. Disability News_Nepali_RCRD_Vol5 March/April 2010
  11. Disability Newsletter_Nepali_Vol 4 February 2010
  12. Disability News_Nepali_RCRD_Vol 3_Jan 2010
  13. Disability News_RCRD_Vol 2
  14. Disability Newsletter_Nepali_Vol_1

RCRD’s technical suppport to Government.

Nepal Government, Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare has owned the comprehensive CBR strategy as the key strategy for promoting the rights of persons with disabilities in Nepal. From 2010 the ministry has made the outreach of Government CBR program in all 75 districts. RCRD Nepal has been working as the main collaborating partner of Ministry basically in the technical part for promoting the CBR program in each district since 1997. Recently RCRD has been supporting to the ministry for formulating and revising CBR and other disability related policies, data collection of people with disabilities in each district, orientation on disability issues and CBR to the government focal staff  and local CBR partners, developing disability specific database software and training on software operation.  (17 February 2010)


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