Reports and Other Resources

Statistics of Persons with Disabilities in Nepal – A collection based on the National Census 2011 . (नेपालमा अपाङ्ता भएका व्यक्तिहरूको संख्या – जनगणना २०६८ को प्रतिवेदनमा आधारित सङ्कलन) click the following link to download.

Population of persons with disabilities In Nepal

Papers Presented on Seminar (गोष्ठीमा पेश गरिएका कार्यपत्रहरू)

RCRD organized a National Seminar on Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) on December 16 & 17 , 2012 in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Experts and Disability Rights Activists had presented 14 papers in the seminar on the various issues of disability and there was an intensive discussion on the presented papers. The Presented papers in MS power-point version are uploaded here for the access of our all viewers.

आर.सी.आर.डि. नेपालले डिसेम्बर १६ र १७ मा सीबीआर सम्बन्धी राष्ट्रिय गोष्ठी गरेको थियो । उक्त गोष्ठीमा विभिन्न विज्ञहरू र अपाङ्गता अधिकार कर्मीहरू द्वारा अपाङ्गताका विभिन्न १४ बटा सवालहरूमा कार्यपत्रहरू पेश गरिएको थियो र उक्त कार्यपत्रहरूमा गहन छलफल गरिएको थियो । हाम्रा सबै दर्शक र वेव साइट भ्रमण कर्ताहरूको पहुँचको लागि उक्त पेश गरिएका कार्यपत्रहरूको MS power-point संस्करण यहाँ राखिएको छ ।

  1. Access of Persons with Disabilities to Essential Services and Assisting Devices- Mr. Ashok Bikram Jairu– Chair Person NASPIR
  2. Access of Persons with disabilities in Livelihood program and Social Security – Mr. Meen Raj Panthee, Disability Theme Leader , Action Aid Nepal.
  3. Independent Living Approach and CBR, Comparative Analysis – Mr. Krishna Gautam, Secretary General, Independent Living Center Kathmandu.
  4. Medical Internvention for the rehabilitation of Physical Disabilities- Prof. Dr. Ashok Rattna Bajracharya
  5. Early intervention Program for Children with Disabilities and Portage – Mr. Mani Raj Shrestha – Portage and Rehabilitation Organization
  6. Regional Reporting of CBR Activities_Far West Region-Mr. Mahadev Bharati-Disabled Service Organization Doti
  7. Regional Reporting on CBR Activities-Central Region-Mr. Ramesh Ram Shrestha– CBR organization Bhaktapur.
  8. Regional Reporting on CBR Activity-Eastern Region – Mr. Bimal Basnet– Samarthya Samaj Morang
  9. Regional Reporting on CBR Activity-Mid west region-Mr. Basudev Shedai – Handicap New Life Center – Banke
  10. Regional Reporting on CBR Activity_Western Region_Mr. Madan Paudel – RECED
  11. Role of CBR for the inclusion and social participation of Persons With Disabilities – Ms. Bishnu Maya Dhungana – Gender, Disability and Development Consultatn
  12. Role of CBR Strategy for the prevention and control of Disability_Mr. Deepak Raj Sapkota – Country Director, Karuna Foundation Nepal
  13. Role of Ministry of Local development for the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Development Process – Mr. Gokarna Sharma – Under Secretary, Ministry of Local Development
  14. Sharing of the finding of CBR program evaluation in Nepal_Mr. Padam Jang Thapa – Evaluator, Save the Children
  15. Status of Accessibility in Nepal – Mr. Kiran Shilpakar – Secretary General, National Association of the Physically Disabled
  16. Status of Disability Related Statistic in Nepal – Mr. Uttam Narayan Malla – Director, Central Department of Statistic
  17. Status of Inclusive Education in Nepal- Mr. Ganesh Paudel – Under Secretary – Department of Education
  18. Gender and Disability- Ms Tika Dahal – General Secretary – National Federation of the Disabled Nepal

Other Resources (अन्य स्रोतहरू)

  1. नेपालमा अपांगता भएका व्यक्तिका लागि राज्यले हालसम्म प्रदान गर्दै आएका सेवा सुविधा र सहुलियत संक्षेपमा (the facilities and services that government has been providing to PWDs in Nepal , in Brief)
  2. अपांगता सम्वन्धी विश्व प्रतिवेदन मुख्य संदेशहरु नेपालीमा संक्षेपीकरण
  3. list of CBR Running organizations (नेपालमा सी‌बीआर कार्यक्रम संचालन गरिरहेका संस्थाहरुको सूची)
  4.  Disability Resource Book 2069 (अपाङ्गता स्रोत पुस्तिका २०६९ – अपाङ्गता भएका व्यक्तिहरूको लागि राज्यले प्रदान गरेका सेवा सुविधा लगायत कानूनी तथा नीतिगत व्यवस्थाहरुको संगालो)
  5.  Disability Resource Book 2069_Annexes (अपाङ्गता स्रोत पुस्तिका २०६९ सँग सम्बन्धित अनुसूचीहरु)
  6. A situation Analysis of Disability in Nepal 2001
  7. RCRD_Annual Report_2009
  8. Annual Report_RCRD_2008
  9. Annual Report 2007






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